chef with baby


Sage Bistro is a family owned restaurant that may never have happened but for several twists of fate.

The Malmstrom family settled in Brevard County after a tour of duty at Headquarters EUCOM in Stuttgart, Germany. One day, after graduating from high school, Jordan came home and announced that he wanted to go to culinary school. Sara and Kurt were surprised, but probably shouldn't have been considering Jordan's creativity and interest in mixing it up in the kitchen (demonstrated from an early age). Sara was the dean of the Keiser University Melbourne Campus at the time, and several years before was responsible for starting a culinary program on the campus. Who knew that Jordan would one day graduate from that program?

After graduation, Jordan went to work in his field. Sara, meanwhile, became Dean of the Graduate School for Keiser University and moved to Ft. Lauderdale for the workweek. Jordan worked under two executive chefs with ownership interests in their establishments. He rose to sous chef in both restaurants and learned a lot.

Eight years after transitioning to Ft. Lauderdale, Sara tired of the weekly drive and retired. While trying to decide what was next, a good friend presented her with the opportunity to buy Izzy's Bistro. This happened during the front nine of a Saturday morning golf match. The round wasn't going well for Sara, sort of a normal Saturday occurrence. On the turn, Sara asked God for a sign that she was meant to buy the restaurant. Darned if she didn't shoot a personal best on the back nine. That was her sign.